Managed IT Services

Good News ...your IT Budget gets a big boost


These services are aimed at cutting costs of  your current IT budget, providing you with enhanced service levels and operating efficiency. You choose the components of your IT infrastructure you would like us to manage. And as your business requirements change, we provide the flexibility to adapt your IT solution to fit your business needs. Services Include Network, Desktop Hardware & Software maintenance & Support. The new cloud based services for end point protection & backup as a utility is based on your monthly usage. This is a unique method to pay for just your use and nothing more. This type of service comes with 24X7 free support included. We can be your IT department for SME or as an extension of your existing IT department for corporate, government & educational clients on as needed basis.

System Security Solution                        

Four Essential Steps to Meet Today's Security Challenge                     


Networks today are under attack from an increasingly varied and sophisticated spectrum of  virus threats & exploits.  We have developed a comprehensive approach to address today's challenge requiring extreme make over in the approach for handling cyber security.. Have you ever wondered why major corporations after having spent thousands of dollars in network security and employing a large  IT staff still lose sensitive data to cyber criminals. Many times the attacks have been repeated. The reason for that is their security solution has not kept up with the evolving sophisticated threats & the impact of social engineering on cyber space. Traditional firewalls & Inherent computer or software security does not provide proactive protection.  Before we discuss the solution we also need to look at the profile & anatomy of hackers. It was not too long ago when the sole purpose of the cyber attack was to deface the web site & leave a message. Since then cyber attacks have become highly sophisticated and are not just used for identity theft but are becoming the preferred cyber weapon of mass destruction & industrial espionage. Hackers are no longer a lone person sitting in a dark room doing it for bragging rights but today's hacker possesses extreme intelligence bordering at a genius level and they are determined to succeed.  Here is our Four Step Solution                                        .